Goddess Spirit Oracle Deck (Engelsk)

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Leverantör: Blue Angel Publishing

Ever-changing yet constant, Goddess Spirit is alive in cultures around the globe as teacher, healer, leader, and mighty protector. She is fertile maiden, nurturing mother, wise crone, and guardian of life. She is present, always. Use this oracle to recognise the Goddess in the world and awaken her magic within yourself. This beautifully crafted set depicts 44 goddesses and incorporates elemental, chakra, and lunar energy to balance your mind, body, and spirit and connect you with the mystical femininity of the moon. The Arcana Goddesses add the divinatory power of tarot, and the Septuple imbue this gorgeous oracle with strength and guidance. Together, the 44 cards of Goddess Spirit Oracle Deck can be used for insight, raising feminine power, honouring the goddesses, or personal reflection. Answer questions with the specially crafted spreads, adorn your altar with the card of your choice, and know the Divine Woman in your every day. 44 colour cards & 72pp guidebook

Utgiven: 2021-11-25

Mått: 125 x 170 x 30 mm