Moonology™ Diary 2023

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The highly popular MoonologyTM diary for 2023, packed with guidance and tips on how to work with the Moon-now with 24 new pages and a ribbon marker.

Manifest a magical year with the Moon and receive guidance from the Full Moon goddesses as you discover opportunities, find success, and achieve your goals!

In  this beautifully illustrated diary, award-winning astrologer Yasmin  Boland shows you how to work with the Moon to plan and create the best  year possible!

The 24 additional pages for this edition reveal  how to work with each of the 12 Full Moon Goddesses, and include  powerful affirmations to help you connect with their Divine energy. The  brand-new ribbon marker will make it easier than ever to navigate the  key events in your year and the lunar cycle. You'll discover how to:

    work with the Moon's incredible energies to manifest what you most desire
    embrace the magic of New Moon Wishing and Full Moon forgiveness
    create, plan, and predict any event or change in your life
    prepare for personal transformation as you become the best version of you in 2023!

With  Yasmin's guidance, you can reclaim your inner power and prepare for  absolutely anything. Containing new features and plenty of space for you  to plan your year, MoonologyTM Diary 2023 is your essential guide to harnessing the transformative powers of the Moon and inviting magic and positivity into every day.

Utgiven: 2022-08-30