A word for the day - Sofia Sivertsdotter

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These reflections, one for each day of the year, offer inspiration for readers who want to develop a more spiritually grounded lifestyle. The pages loosely follow the seasons of the year and consist of texts that may serve as a springboard for further thought while also providing an uplifting motif for each day. The book contains short, readily accessible texts of comfort, hope and strength in anxious times. The narrative tone is warm and wise and intended for a wide audience.

Sofia Sivertsdotter has written a number of books in Swedish on subjects ranging from spirituality and faith to simple living, creativity and reflection. She has also written a children’s book entitled The White Cat Wishes (Den vita kattens längtan). In addition to her current commitments, Sofia has worked for the Swedish Children’s Cancer Foundation and carried out a project entitled 365 days for peace.

Utgiven: 2021-04-26