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Leverantör: US Games Systems, Inc.

Self-reflection is an active, ongoing, revealing and illuminating process. Within its light, you are freed into the understanding that we are all divine, all creators, all connected. Gaze into this oracle to transform fear, amplify love and welcome potent, tangible change for yourself and all the intertwining threads and consciousness of your world. Know and see yourself through the mirror of your soul—your evolving destiny awaits. Includes 44 cards, 240-page full-color guidebook with gold-foil on cover and packaged in a box with gold foil embellishments on top.

Packaged in a hardcover box: 125 x 170 x 32 mm (approx.)

42 gold-edged cards with 120-page full-colour guidebook

Gold-foil embellishments on top box and guidebook cover.

Utgiven: 2023-09-30

Förlag: US Games Systems, Inc.

Författare: Ana Novaes


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